Nip Energy Dip Upgrades Facilities To Better Serve Customers

Mothwing Camo PromotionGreat news, Nip Energy Dip fans! We’ve just completed the upgrade to our brand new manufacturing facility and we’re ready to meet the demands of our loyal and growing customer base! We sincerely appreciate your patience during the transition, and we’re looking forward to serving you so.  Head on over & stock up on Nip Energy Dip at our online store today!

Also, don’t forget – we’re offering a FREE Mothwing camo hat along with FREE SHIPPING on every 12-pack while supplies last!!!  Full details on the Nip Energy Dip / Mothwing Camo Hat deal here!

Once you get your hat send us a pic and we’ll get it posted here on the site in our photo gallery!  Celebrate your freedom from smokeless tobacco with your FREE Mothwing Camo hat!

This promotion will run from May 1, 2013 through March 31st, 2014.

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