The Nip Energy Dip / Mothwing Camo Hat Promotion

Mothwing Camo HatNip Energy Dip is proud to announce an amazing new promotion in conjunction with Mothwing Camo!

Starting tomorrow (Friday, March 1st 2013) and running through the entire month of March, purchase 12 cans of Nip Energy Dip and get this Mothwing Camo hat for FREE!

There’s no promo code to enter and no hoops to jump through.  Just head over to the Nip Online Store and purchase at least 12 cans and you’ll get your very own free Mothwing Camo hat along with your order!

Once you get your hat send us a pic and we’ll get it posted here on the site!

Celebrate your freedom from smokeless tobacco with your FREE Mothwing Camo hat!

This promotion will run from March 1st, 2013 through March 31st, 2013.  Check out Mothwing Camo on the web at

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  1. I found out about this 73 months too late how can I get the hat now

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